(Mac 10.15.5) Suddenly can only view in fullscreen

Steps to reproduce

I believe that I double-clicked on the top frame of the Obsidian window, which like many Mac apps would switch it from taking up the whole screen to whatever smaller size I had made the window previously.

This is normal, no problems before. But this time I think I might have done it while it was in fullscreen mode. After doing that when I try to exit fullscreen mode the app disappears into the left bottom corner of the screen. So the only way I can use it now is fullscreen.

I even restarted my Mac. didn’t make any difference. It’s fullscreen or nothing.

Expected result

I should be able to exit fullscreen and adjust the size of the window any way I want.

Actual result

Stuck in fullscreen mode, or nothing.


MacOS 10.15.5

  • Operating system:
  • Obsidian version: 0.6.6
  • Using custom CSS: Just the Notation community theme

Additional information

The green mac windows button doesn’t give you any option to tile window or exit the the full screen ?

Reminds me to file a feature request to respect Esc key to escape from full-screen on the Macs (usually set that way).

@mediapathic can you think why this happens? is it an obsidian only issue?

I finally figured it out! The window was hiding in the bottom left corner, but I couldn’t see it. But because it kept disappearing in that corner when I exited full-screen, I moved my mouse around the edges and tried dragging in. Sure enough I managed to drag the window back on screen.

I’m glad I figured it out, but I’ve never experienced that in all my years of using a Mac.

Must have just been a fluke…

sometimes these problems “app moves to unreacheble location” happen on windows too.

First time for everything haha!

It reminds me somehow my problems with dual screen setup (not on mac), sometimes when specific app was started on external screen it remembered that position when started with laptop screen only, so it was invisible :stuck_out_tongue: