LYT + Zettelkasten: How to handle research questions and fleeting thoughts?

I’m new to Obsidian, ZK, and LYT, moving from OneNote. So forgive me if this is too noob.

I have many questions throughout the day that I often can’t look up right then. Some would merit more dedicated research and studying several sources. Others are small, but I don’t want to forget them as I find I learn much more when directed by questions.

  1. How does capturing these questions/thoughts so they can be revisited later? They aren’t a permanent note, nor a literature note.

  2. What sort of structure do you give to your research/literature notes? Do you create a MOC specifically for those? Or are links to them from permanent notes sufficient? Part of me would like to have all of the literature notes that all pertained to a specific research activity to be linked together. Does this fit in to the LYT methodology? I’ve been thinking it could fit in the “Projects” section of the LYT kit.

  3. More broadly, what’s your method for capturing fleeting notes throughout the day?

For fleeting notes, I just use tag #review — and when I am done with the review, I either remove the note, of the tag (and link it into something relevant).

There’s a similar discussion with a couple of solutions in this thread:

Yet, it is mainly about the question how to capture quick thoughts while you’re not working in obsidian (but still, some of the proposed solutions might be helpful in your case).

A rather comfortable solution within obsidian would be to use the “daily notes” plugin. Your current daily note can at any time quickly be opened via a simple shortcut. If you have any ideas, just open it, type your thoughts, and at the end of the day (or week or whenever you are free) review your note and develop your thoughts and ToDos.

Or just create a note named “Review”, open it with a simple text editor outside of obsidian and leave it open the whole day. Whenever you want to capture something you don’t want to forget, write it in there.


When I don’t have access to obsidian, I jot down fleeting thoughts as 1-3 sentences within a single “Ideas” note on my phone’s default notes app. Then I’ll periodically browse this Ideas note for inspiration when I’m back on obsidian.

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