Lyric Scraper

I make a lot of notes about music, and sometimes like to do a little lyrical analysis (though I’m not sure I’m very good at it). To do this, I need the lyrics to the song, obviously. I can of course do this manually, but that requires looking it up myself, then often reformatting them a bit to get rid of random junk and make commenting on them easier.

I want to get the lyrics for a bunch of songs en-masse, so that if I think of something randomly (as I often do), then I can just open Obsidian and jot it down without having to do anything special or go back later and fix it to be how I want. It also means I would be able to quote lyrics wherever I want without having to go through the process first.

I might write a plugin for this myself, because I also have specific things I want from it, lol.