LUA filter to properly format checkboxes when exporting to DOCX

Does anyone have a LUA filter to pass into pandoc to properly format checkboxes when exporting a markdown file to DOCX?

Things I have tried

I am using pandoc v2.16.2 and a generated --reference-doc and passing in the Prism.css style.
The checkboxes do not format properly

What I’m trying to do

I am trying to export a markdown file to DOCX with all the syntax highlighting, callouts, colors and formatting.

Hi, did you find propery lua-filters for docx? If found, can you provide it to my repo GitHub - mokeyish/obsidian-enhancing-export: This is an enhancing export plugin base on Pandoc for Obsidian ( ). It's allow you to export to formats like Markdown、Markdown (Hugo )、Html、docx、Latex etc. ?

Thx @mokeyish ! I will definitely try that out!

Well, I tried it and the output for docx is the same as if I use the standard Obsidian pandoc extension to export to docx. Then I re-read your post and you were asking me to post the lua to your repo, not providing it.
No, I have not found a good lua for docx yet, but I think I can reference your repo lua src and hopefully build one.

Wish me luck!

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