LTR/RTL Editor toggle hotkey

The title is pretty self explanatory: I can’t find a way to create a toggle hotkey for RTL/LTR editor modes. I can only do it from the settings menu which is very cumbersome since I constantly move between English and Hebrew notes.

Any help is appreciated.

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Try using this plugin called “RTL Support”.

After you installed the plugin, disable Obsidian’s default RTL support in the settings

Then in Hotkeys section in settings assign a key combination to RTL Support plugin.

If you want you can pin the command in Command Palette core plugin settings for ease of use.

Using this plugin you can change text direction per page.
Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Hey thanks for the reply!

My biggest issue with this plugin is that it doesn’t work on mobile. I also don’t like the fact that it relies on a separate file to keep track of the direction of each file, and would like the files to be as self contained as possible.

My current solution is using frontmatter to add a CSS class to the whole note, however this still has some issues as well:

  • Changes the direction globally on the entire file (same goes for the plugin you suggested)
  • Editing LTR sections within RTL lines is really fiddly and frustrating. I would even say buggy. (I often use LaTeX interleaved with Hebrew)

The second of the issues above is the reason I want the toggle shortcut. This way I can temporarily switch modes so that its easier writing the LTR segment.

I think my ideal solution would be having MD support some kind of direction annotations within the file (so that the direction data is embedded within the file and take effect locally), and also in accordance with that format, have the editor render the text in a way thats easy to work with.

Im assuming that is out of scope for obsidian

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