Lots of files deleted by sync (unrecoverable data loss)

Steps to reproduce

I can’t easily reproduce it. Must be a weird combination of things. More details could be probably discovered by checking out the sync log of my account. Don’t know if it’s kept on the servers or somewhere else, but I’m willing to provide all the debug info I can.

Basically, I’ve changed a bunch of names of folders and their subfolders from lowercase to Title Case in the Windows app. Then I synced an Android device that was offline for a few days (and had other asynchronous changes made when offline, but in other folders).

Expected result

The content of the folders should have stayed the same.

Actual result

All the files inside of one of the folders were deleted. They didn’t go to .trash on any of the synced devices. They’re just gone.


  • Operating system: Windows, Android
  • Obsidian version: 0.2.19

Additional information

Only one folder was affected, the one that resided in another folder. Both the affected folder and its parent folder were renamed. All the affected files had Cyrillic characters in their names. Both the affected and parent folders had only Latin characters in their names.

This is very concerning for me, as the system I plan keep all my knowledge in have to be reliable.

If you find reproducible steps, let us know.

We do not have logs, you have the logs. If it happens again send us the sync logs of all devices involved.

Are these logs saved anywhere? I can only see the latest logs after the last start of the app.