Lost of main tool bar with themes

I have applied a theme and the design has removed access to settings. I am unable to change the theme back or get at my settings. Any ideas. I am getting to the stage of deleting the app and directories to reinstall.

The theme even has removed the ability to close the windows. The only way to close the app is to do it from the task bar. :frowning:

I figured out a solution. Removing the themes CSS and obsidian returns to the default. This is twice I have used a theme that removes the main tools of the application.

Settings can be accessed by hitting CTRL comma (Windows) or CMD comma (Mac).

From there, choose Appearance → Theme and you should be able to manage the theme.


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Fantastic, do you know how I can actually teek a theme? I have found one I like but would like to change the font on the H1 setting.

You can always access the themes directly in the vault folder. I’m thinking you don’t want to try editing the theme’s CSS to display the Settings icon, so probably the best thing to do is delete the theme via the OS folder.

Find your Obsidian Vault folder. Its where ever you put it. Within that folder there is a folder called “.obsidian”, navigate into that folder, you should see a “themes”, navigate into that folder. You should see at least the theme you have installed, it should say something like “theme-name.css”. If you installed more than one, you will have to choose the one you currently have activated.

I would recommend that you either copy that theme file to your desktop or somewhere you can find it, just in case you have to put it back if something goes wrong. But all you have to do to get rid of the theme is delete that file.

Restart Obsidian and the theme should be gone.

Now… there is the possibility that the theme had other components or Obsidian has other remnants of the theme still installed. What you might want to do is, go into Settings, reinstall the same theme, enable it, disable it, delete the theme from within the Obsidian settings (of course never leaving the settings since it apparently hides the settings icon). That way you removed everything the right way.

Having said all that, I bet there is a way to show the Settings icon again without uninstalling the theme. You could look that up on the theme page or git site. It sounds like a Minimal theme that was a bit too minimal.

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(I must have been typing as you posted your own solution, but I left the post in case it might help others in the future.)

And for H1, the thread below has the answers you need, I think:


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