Lost my hard drive - how to get vault back via sync?

My c drive still works, but I lost my D drive where ALL my data is, including all my vaults. it turned into RAW. I’m scanning it now to see if anything can be recovered, but it doesn’t look good, and the scan will take about 5 days.

In the meantime, I’ve got a USB eternal drive. If I create a vault with the same name on the external drive and then start Obsdian, how can I get all my stuff back? Will it sync down to the empty vault or will the empty vault start synching up thereby removing all my files in the cloud?

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It should work, however I suggest you first create backup in whichever other devices you were syncing to (if you don’t have any other backups).

I know I synced two vaults with my Android phone, and I’m getting those vaults now. But I have 2 sync licenses (so 10 vaults) and I know I set some of them to sync, but mostly just as an optional backup of sorts until I was ready to set up my surface pro laptop with obsidian. Is there anywhere I can go online to see what those vaults are named? I went to “my account” but there is no such info.

Do a backup of the stuff you have on android (sync is sync service not a backup service).

You can see the list of remote vaults associated with your account by clicking “pick remote vault” in sync settings (within obsidian).

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