Lost Font Preferences and Can't Change Fonts Back

I use Minimal Theme & Minimal Settings, and I specified my preferred fonts (e.g. Cousine for editing, Latin Modern Roman for reading) – and everything worked fine. Now, for the past week the reading font on my iPad is something like Helvetica and I have been unable to change it. As of today, my Cousine editing font is gone (not from my computer; I can use Cousine anywhere except Obsidian now). The editing font and the reading font are now the same and I can’t change them at all. On my Macbook Pro, same exact problem, except with some generic serif font (looks like Times?).

Things I have tried (with zero results)

Tried adding a custom fonts snippet I found online, but that had no effect.

Tried terminating Obsidian and reopening it.

Tried changing to default theme and back to Minimal Theme.

What I’m trying to do

Get back the power I once had to change editing and reading fonts.

Look at the latest release on GitHub. The font options are now in the Appearance tab on the menu settings. Only the editor font option remains in the minimal theme settings.

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Thank you, jwl. I did find (10 minutes after posting) the font options in the Appearances tab, and that worked: changing the “Text font” gives me the same font for both editing and reading views.

But formerly under Minimal Theme Settings, I could specify a different font for editing than for reading, which I greatly prefer. Is there any way to do that any more?

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Look at the release notes linked by jwl. If you update Minimal Theme Settings you can set your editor font separately.

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By George, it works!

Thank you!

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