Looking to sync Obsidian to mobile phone via Google Drive

I have configured Google Drive desktop such that my Obsidian vaults are now stored and synced between my PC and my laptop. I want to complete the trifecta by also having it synced to my Pixel 6.

Things I have tried

I have tried to use OneDrive instead, but it’s probably not going to be an option for me. It’s too full of files that I need. Long story.

I have installed DriveSync on my Pixel, which would be good, except that it can’t actually associate a file on my phone with the Google Drive “Computers” drive. I think this might be a premium feature.

Things I am trying to do

I basically am now just looking for software that can interface between my phone’s storage as well as ALL of my Google Drive, which I’m worried could be a fruitless endeavour.

UPDATE: Solved.

My issue with AutoSync was that it was just poorly designed and unable to reach the directory I wanted. My slightly dodgey solution was to just “star” the file I wanted to contain my vaults, and then look under the “starred folders” directory in AutoSync.

Come to think of it, this might not have been the most appropriate forum to use. Thanks anyways.

Try DriveSync for Android. Works like a charm.

I find the Obsidian Valut after “star” the folder , after that i change the remote folder (look at the screenshot) , but the Local folder still the same , is it an issues or i can sync normally with this config?

Another question: do i need to sync hidden folder like .obsidian to get the same config/theme in my mobile app ?

Looks like mine… hidden files not sure, I have different settings for mobile to keep it fast but I may give it a try. Beauty is you can experiment as the files are yours to control.

Just back up before trying I guess would be the safe bet.

I try to uncheck the Exclude Hidden files
then click manual sync button on sync History .

After that the app starts uploading the .obsidian folder which has all config and plugins,
It takes time because i have too many plugins.
after the sync finish i open obsidian mobile app and find the same plugins and theme and Settings which they in my Pc app , and the sync is fantastic and very fast between two devices.

:exclamation:But I have some issus with this

  • Some plugins don’t work in mobile app like slides plugin and make the app buggy
  • The sync makes conflict sometime in .workspace folder and .obsidian folder,
  • Another annoying thing when i accidentally press the home button and open the app again its takes too much time to load the plugins and settings !!
  • when using sync , the app in my pc start bugging and have some problem with plugins

These problems worry me very much and make me careful about my notes in the future, however, I mostly write my notes on the computer and I wanted to access these notes on my phone when needed.
I want to ask you, do you find this kind of problem when you didn’t sync hidden files like .obsidian Or are things going smoothly?

Not tried the sync hidden files method yet, sounds like I won’t be! Maybe someone else has experience?

I Ask you About your experience without sync hidden files , did you find any issues with this ?

Without hidden files, never had an issue with syncing. Just works fine.

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