Looking for the Obsidian of photo apps

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This question isn’t strictly Obsidian-related, but I thought I’d post it in here because I figure this community might have some helpful input.

I’ve been slowly migrating off of the Google ecosystem, but Google Photos is one app that I haven’t been able to move away from. In terms of photo management, it really is a well-designed and easy-to-use app, and I’ve struggled to find a replacement. What I want, however, is to store my photos on my own hard drive, not on Google’s servers (or anyone else’s).

What I’m looking for is something that manages photos the way Obsidian manages notes: a privacy-focused app that reads the photos on my local hard drive and allows me to interact with them in a similar way that Google Photos does (arrange by date, create albums, etc.). It should have a mobile app that syncs with the desktop app, allowing me to view my photo collection on my phone; it should also allow me to transfer photos from my phone to my local hard drive, and then delete them from my phone. Does this app exist?



+1 on @_david_aaron’s question!

@hu4d do you refer to Photos & Videos | Plex?

Have a look at https://immich.app/ , which is an open source project attempting to replicate the same functionality as Google Photos.

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