Looking for Plugin Which on Mouse Hover, Peeks at Linked Note Text via Popup

Does anyone know of a Plugin which would create a popup text box which “peeks” at the text from the link? That way I don’t have to click and open a link only to have to close it and return to my note. The idea would be to get a quick reminder of what the link is about. Maybe have it return the fist 200 words if the note did not have a summary.

Much like the currently functionality tells you that a “note is not created yet. Click to create” but if there was a note created, the pop up would give you a preview.

I don’t know what you mean, this is already part of Obsidian’s core functionality.
If, for example, your note 1st SG. would exist and would contain text then the preview will show you that and you can fully scroll that note in the preview popover.

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The feature you’re describing is already a core plugin. To activate it, go to Settings → Core Plugins → Page preview.

Judging by his screenshot he already has it activated otherwise he wouldn’t see that popover to create the note that does not exist yet.

Thank you very much. I think the reason I never saw the functionality is because I am almost always in Edit Mode where you need to hold down the CTRL key to activate it. Indeed if I go into read mode, I see the functionality. Oddly, when in edit mode, you do not need to hold down the CTRL key to get the message that the note is not created.

You can change that in the Page Preview settings to always require CTRL.

Obsidian really is the best notebook ever!