Looking for (paid) help to get me set-up with Obsidian, Zotero, Pandoc workflow to output PDF following the Tufte Handout layout

My goal is simple:

  • not having to switch to another editor/tool to work on some projects that I want to export in PDF using the Tufte Handout (possibly the Tufte Book, too) layout/style.

This is what I don’t want:

  • I gave up trying to have a Tufte CSS layout directly in Obsidian. Not only it does not work well, but also it does not make sense.

My current set-up:

Obsidian on MacOS ; Zotero + Better BibTex plugin

The set-up I am using to get Tufte Handout formated PDF:

directly writing in Visual Code Studio + LaTeX/pdflatex, bibtex

I am confortable with linux shells, CLI, Makefile.

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