[Looking for feedback] "Block-Swap" Plugin Prototype

Hey all!

I find myself cut-pasting blocks a lot lately so I’m building this plugin that allows to quickly move blocks up-and-down.

If you’re interested to use it, I’d love to understand

  1. What hot-keys would you assign for UP and DOWN?
  2. Where/how in your workflow would this be useful?

Let me know what you think!


PS: “Blocks” are, in this version anything that has a newline above and below. So, it’s NOT context-aware of nested blocks like “H1 -> H2 -> H3 -> Paragraph” – and I’m actually liking it much more this way. Weirdly, for me, it’s easier to use even though “less smart.”


I usually move block in outliner mode( List in Obsidian) with mouse drag and drop, rarely use hot-keys with UP and Down.

I usually move block from one note to another note, rarely move block in the same notes.

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@akaalias I’d definitely love to use that! My purpose would be moving tasks in task list. Probably I’d change it a bit to focus on lines with sub-items, but I would love to see the basic principle you’re using.

I just use the swap line up and swap line down commands (I have them bound to hotkeys). Despite the name, these commands actually move the entire selected text up or down a line. So, basically, for the function this plugin does, I would just select the paragraph and then either drag and drop the text, or hold my hotkey(s) to move it until it’s where I want. It does look a bit weird as it goes “through” other blocks, but that’s not a big deal.

I actually can’t see myself moving blocks of exactly one paragraph often enough to want to dedicate hotkeys for it, though. Most of the time that I’m moving stuff it’s either one line of an outline/list, or else It’s big enough I’d rather select or fold before moving.

For sections, I go to the header line, hit my hotkey for “toggle fold on current line”, select the line, and then use my swap up/down keys to drag the whole section up or down, or maybe just use the mouse, depending on what I’m doing at that moment.


Is it still developing? Where to download btw :grinning:

Such a plugin for referencing blocks by drag and drop can be much more useful for me.

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