Looking for Developer to hire: Export local folder as HTML


I posted this on Discord and thought it could here as well.

I’m looking for someone who can create a “tailor-made” solution for me.
No problem to pay for this work, as long as I can get an invoice for the work done.

What I’m trying to do:
I have a number of *.md files in a subfolder of my vault. They are all connected and included links to images (uploaded to imgur), including a “MOC” file with the content overview.

I would like to export the complete folder as “local website”.
The HTML output should look like a kind of documentation/reporting style, static TOC on the left side, content on the right.
The images should be downloaded into the this HTML folder and be part of the local data.
All links should be working incl. internal links and visible images.

HTML Design should be simple but professional.

This website (folder with html files and all other files) should be given to to a client, so he can click through the pages locally on his computer and see the content.

The solution needs to be ready to be used on Windows.

If you can help me, please contact me!

(would be great if that can be done in the next days, I have some time pressure in my project)


Perhaps …

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Ah… cool,
will give it a try.

Edited my original post - would like to hire someone who can solve the challenge for me :slight_smile:

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