Looking for best practice for different configs mobile (ipad/ios) and PC/Notebook

I wonder if it is a good idea to have a separate config for the ipad Obsidian app.

Currently I‘m syncing (via Obsidian sync) every setting between my different devices (2 different windows PC - iphone - ipad) to make sure everything has the same look and feel. But of course there are some features I can‘t use on mobile.

I saw the idea to copy the .obsidian folder before I „override config folder“ but as I can‘t see these files on the ipad I wonder how to do that without creating a mess in my vault.

Anyone with some experience for this topic?

Just do the copying on the PC.

I don’t think iPadOS lets you access hidden folders (folders whose name starts with “.”). But surprisingly, it seems you can access the folder’s contents by adding it as a bookmark in a separate text editor:

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