Looking for a way to quickly add .txt-files

What I’m trying to do

I want to be able to quickly add plain .txt-Files, either singular via drag&drop onto Obsidian, or in bulk by specifying a path to a folder and Obsidian creates a new note per .txt-file.

Things I have tried

Looked up google search results about this question, and only found various plugins to import from other note taking services/-apps, and a manuall way of renaming each single file to .md and then having to move them into my vault.

There was also a plugin named obsidian-plaintext which was archived for the reason, “that there are better alternatives”.

Sadly i can’t find any alternatives for my purpose, which is mainly convenience to not have to go through several hundreds of .txt-Files o rename them.

Yes, i read there is also a bash-script i could do, to rena in batch on windows, but that’s also clunky.

Is there a plugin, allowing for easy “importing” of .txt-files anyone can suggest or recommend? Or maybe Obsidian can this now nativley?

Thank you!

On Windows you could try …

I. Power Toys - PowerRename [install]

PowerRename: Change file extension

my test: I have .txt files in this vault …

Select all / Right-click / Rename with PowerRename

Search for box: txtReplace with box: md

Success … now all are md
As opposed to “II. Command Prompt” method: txt files that already had a md version are renamed again causing a duplicate md file.

No more .txt files

e.g. DO.txt was successfully converted to DO.md


II. Command Prompt - built-in command … “it’s not that clunky” …

for /R %x in (*.txt) do ren "%x" *.md

based on …

my test: I have .txt files in this vault …

command prompt

for /R %x in (*.txt) do ren "%x" *.md

output - skipping .txt files that already have a .md version

e.g. DO.txt was successfully converted to DO.md