Look at my graph view - am I doing this wrong?

What I’m trying to do: Have a useful graph view to organize my brain

This is a very vague question, but I see screenshots of other’s graph views, and they look like tightly organized clusters. My entire vault looks like this:

Are my notes too fundamentally interconnected? Am I manually connecting too many things? Am I not atomizing my notes enough? I use daily notes, and link things to my thoughts, but maybe that’s destroying the usefulness of my graph view. Any advice is appreciated.

Two thoughts:

One: There is no right or wrong. You will find a method that works for you. How the graph is represented visually, and how it compares to others is quite insignificant, in my opinion.

Two: You can make it look more clustered by playing with the sliders in the graph view. I’ll give you an exampe of my vault:

I find one to look clustered, and the other less so…


Same vault, sans housekeeping notes.

My way of linking, the way I create new notes, how I create them, what I write down… Everything changes with time. Let go, let it evolve. (yea, I don’t believe too firmly in a pre-set structure to follow slavishly)

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