Longform plugin: how to operate it?

Is this how the Longform plugin is supposed to look like? Where’s the “compile” panel? How do I create a scene? Why is Draft 1 not listed under Drafts? None of those buttons seem to do anything.
The instructions just say to mark a folder as a Longform project and all the rest is about the philosophy behind the plugin. Some more comprehensive instructions would be welcome.

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It has apparently been programmed by a writer. You want to write the Great American Novel (your Longform folder, proj1).

Then you start out with a draft, which contains scenes.

Drafts get edited (but are usually kept for a while), thus you can create new drafts from older ones.

Everything is kept together by an Index.md file in the Longform folder, which shouldn’t be manually modified.

Overall structure is like so:


So the first step is: Click on Drafts and fill in the name for “New Draft”.

Nothing happens when I click on Drafts

It does here:

  • I create a new folder Great American Novel
  • Right-click and set as Longform project
  • A modal appears and asks for Index file name etc.
  • Subfolders Drafts and (within) Draft 1 are created, as well as the Index.md file

Maybe your theme, CSS snippets or other plugins interfere. Try to reproduce in a fresh vault, with only Longform installed.

Same / solved / solution?


@Dangal Possible you renamed the longform folder after setting it as a Longform folder? (This will currently break Longform, see GitHub issue mentioned above.)

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