Longer previews for backlinks panel

Currently, each preview in the backlinks panel is limited to ~20 words. Generally, the paragraph that I include the backlink in is a summary that provides context for the link, which makes looking through my Backlinks panel for later research much more streamlined. However, my summaries often exceed the ~20 words that each preview box is limited to.

Here are my two suggestions for this:

  1. Hovering over any of the icons in the left or right sidebars pops out a tag that displays what the button does (eg. “File explorer” “Backlinks” “Search in files”). It would be awesome if this similar pop-up tag was implemented for backlinks as well—we would see the entire (or a much longer preview) paragraph that the link was mentioned in.
  2. A plugin that allows the user to set the length of the Backlinked previews.

I would love this as well. I use Daily Notes a lot and would much prefer a preview of where in the doc the backlink occurs.

@obsdmd can we see a bit more context in Linked and Unlinked mentions. Alternatively, can we have similar mouse hover window (recent update) over in those sections as well(with the capability to copy material). Great job so far!. made me moved from Roam Research .


The “More Context” button might give you some of what you need:

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Thanks for reply. Obsidian show three lines below or above [[links]]. This is insufficient. If i give links at top of a para (my Zettlekasten) than i only see three lines below which is not sufficient(worse if i have four lines of [[links]] than i cant see a word but linkages). I need to open that page in separate window , which can be nightmare if i have few hundred connections. On the other hand “Roam Research” provide a good para view which makes the decision to " Further read/Copy/Move an instance of note) easy rather than having multiple windows open. I moved from Roam Research to Obsidian due to fear of privacy and Data lock. I believe with the new updated mouse hover view of Pages/Notes in Obsidian is very powerful and can do the job far better than Roam research if added to linked section. For writers/Authors/Researchers , workflows are as critical as linkages. If my workflow is tedious and time consuming than the software is insufficient. Kindly look into this as it will speed the workflow tremendously , at least for me:) If anyone in the community agree with me , make noise so we can make Obsidian folks add this feature:)

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Well, I’m just a fellow user, so I can’t make any changes to Obsidian. :slight_smile:

But I agree that the option to show more context is a good idea.

Page preview hovers in the Backlinks was suggested here: Page Preview Plugin - show previews on backlink panel


Going back to this discussion. I think since we have moved to remark js. It’s easier to find the paragraph/list with backlinks now than before. I think backlinks should show the full paragraph or list and its subitems instead of just the surrounding texts. This would make it more immersive and force users to click on the links less.


you can increase the context by clicking the middle icon

I also need this function urgently. If I can display the content of the reverse link completely, it will be very useful for the actual work, data arrangement and editing

It still truncates longer lists and paragraphs. Also adds other texts from previous paragraph/list. Overall it doesn’t feel as clean and as informative as the way Roam does its backlinks.

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In daily note I created notes under several topics like [[Reading]], and when we followed the link to [[Reading]], we could only see a blank page with a list of Days in “linked mentions” which gave no any information on what we wrote in [[Reading]] section each day.

It will be quite useful if we can expand the level of details for “Linked Mentions” so that we can quickly explore what we wrote in different pages just like ROAM does.

Furthermore if we can customize the default expanded level of details, we don’t need to manually click on the folding icon of each day to check details, this will bring better experience than ROAM.


Stay tuned for an upcoming release!

Glad to hear that! Can we customize the default shown level of details or we need to click the folding icon to expand the details?

In any way connected to another request, or may be not??



yes this would be really good, really really good!

Would really appreciate this. And the functionality to copy paste the file titles as well as the content, would be awesome as well! :smiley:

Just to chime in, this is perhaps the biggest thing keeping me from leaving Roam. Being able to see all content under backlinks what I find most useful.

Also chiming in here. The viewing of full backlinks is the main reason why I haven’t been able to leave Roam. It’s to cumbersome to click on each link to get full paragraphs for writing and research, especially if the research has hundred of links. This would be a gamechanger!!!

Yes I would also really like to see this feature and have the option to set it as the default setting when viewing the backlinks pane!

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