Long titles: last visible character and cursor are hard to read while editing title

When entering a long filename, the entry box doesn’t properly scroll to the end but only fades out.


This happens with the default Dark Mode theme as well:


Only a problem if you like both dark modes and long titles.

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I am not sure I understand your problem.
Can you post a gif or desired vs actual? It scrolls for me.

Did the two examples I posted not get embedded?

To be clearer, the content scrolls but the last few letters are always faded out. It makes moving around to edit it a right PitA. It really should either drop a whole linear field that expands to fit the entry as long as you’re in the edit field or at least drop the fade.

It’s fine for display when you’re looking elsewhere to suggest there’s more, but it sucks for editing.

The only problem I see is the cursor becomes not legible if it is to the right of the last visible character.

And, as a result, you can’t tell if there’s more to edit down that way or not. It’s really kind of glitchy for actually doing editing.

Even if you see the text and the cursor without blur effects, you would still not know if there is more text to right until you try to scroll.

I tried the light theme and there is more or less the same visibility issue of the last character and especially the cursor if it’s right after the last character.

@Silver: maybe we could just reduce the lenght of the blur a bit.

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