Long-term roadmap poll (for entertainment purposes only...)

— This is NOT an official poll —

Hope the devs won’t take offense with this - if so please delete this and pretend it never happened…

Of the 3 items that are currently on the long-term roadmap, I’m curious which one You are most eager to get your hands on first:

  • WYSIWYG editor (like Typora)
  • Public plugin interface (v1.0)
  • Mobile apps (lightweight, mostly for viewing and capturing)

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(descriptions aren’t mine , but copied from the public roadmap)

So which one would you like most, above anything else?

It would be nice if you could also elaborate on your vote so we can share more insights.


Obviously I’d like to see them all, so need to eliminate and the easiest to discard for me right now would be the public plugin interface:

  • It’s a big question mark what exactly will be possible
  • The developers will want to limit this at first by not opening everything up right away
  • I don’t have an immediate requirement for which I need the public plugin interface

That said, once it does become available people will probably come up with awesome ideas that will make me wonder how I ever lived without them, but right now I don’t know what those are yet so it’s easiest for me to eliminate this one, for the time being.

Then next would be the WYSIWYG editor.

I really want this one because when I first opened Obsidian and saw the edit vs. preview mode immediately got disappointed thinking to myself “oh… it’s another one of these”, while I just want something clean and minimal without markdown distracting me.

For instance even though Bear is a beautifully polished app, the fact that every new note was forcefully throwing “H1” at my eyes got tiresome after hundreds of times, and I dropped the app.

When I read there will be a WYSIWYG editor in Obsidian I got really excited, but for the time being I gotten used to staying in the edit mode and there’s nothing really getting in my way there.

That leaves mobile then, which gets my vote.
I constantly switch between desktop and iPad to try keep my back and shoulder from giving out completely.

Currently I use iAwriter but iCloud is having a hard time keeping things in sync and I often want to continue on the other device but my most recent changes aren’t there. If it gets too annoying I’ll probably need to dust off Dropbox.

Then I’d also love iOS share sheet integration to clip directly into Obsidian, plus I have a sweet spot for efficient speech-to-text quick capture. And of course I’d like to be able to see the backlink connections when working on iPad.

How about you? Which of the 3 gets your vote?

Again my fellow enthusiasts, this is just for fun and NOT an official poll… for all I know there might be some technical dependency which makes it easier to first implement X before starting on Y.

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