Long-shot: Retreiving vault configuration (plug-ins, hotkeys, settings etc.) from a 'dead' laptop that has 'sync settings' turned off

My laptop ‘died’ and I’ve loaded my vault on an alternative laptop. However, the settings were not synced and so not present anymore. Before reconfiguring the vault, I was wondering if it is possible to retreive the settings somehow.

Things I have tried

I have tried to find an obsidian settings file and plug-in folder in my onedrive, however, moving to Obsidian Sync, I think my folder entire vault moved to a local drive on my laptop that is not booting anymore and will be sent for repairs.

Is there any way to retreive settings related to hotkeys, plug-ins, etc.?

I look forward to hearing if this is possible so I can start reconfiguring my vault if it is not possible anymore.

What I’m trying to do

You should realize that the Obsidian settings etc are kept in a folder which is normally invisible. When looking for it in onedrive, make sure you can see invisible files and folders. You are looking for an invisible folder with a name similar to Obsidian.

Thank you for the quick reply, I have found it but unfortuntately it seems to contain the current settings only. I will reconfigure the settings.

Thank again,


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