Long mermaid diagrams

For long LaTeX equations that go beyond the edge of the window, we get a nice horizontal scrollbar on the rendered equation that allows us to see the whole thing.

However for long mermaid diagrams that’s not the case. When I place the mouse on top of the cropped diagram, no horizontal scrollbar appears. I think it would be a nice addition.

You could try my theme, it’s called Dune :wink:

Not sure how it’s related? Does it fix the scrolling issue for mermaid diagrams?

This feels like something that should be fixed in Obsidian itself.

Agreed, side scrolling is a little thing and should work out of the box, but mermaid isn’t that priority yet. And there’s always something to do if you develop in some way for Obsidian

Soon Obsidian will support some more diagram types.

And yeah, my theme adds the ability to resize, adds some diagram theming and side scrolling too.

Maybe you like my solution and eventually my theme as well :blush: