Long file name created in edit mode disapear in korean

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Steps to reproduce

Type long text as usual in korean, and select text, hit double braket.
And click the link with command key to open another window.

Expected result

Open new file with long text file name.

Actual result

File name is broken somewhere in half. and the window disapear.



  • Operating system: MacOS 11.4
  • Obsidian version: 0.12.4

Additional information

It only happen with korean letters. I tested it with alphabets and no issue occured.

The attached screen recording is too small, I can’t see anything.
Also, please no themes and no third-party plugins when reporting bugs (you can use the help vault for this).

Oh, I think some plug in or css theme make some trouble.
I just copy whole folder to another and copy .obsidian folder too.
And the problem is gone.

Thank you.

Hm… It happens again.

I reset the folder and do nothing with settings, I just changed default theme to light.
And I import my files. it’s 1.2gb, 1900s files.

I screen captured the issue.


Some how file name changed by itself, and the link between file and text is gone.

It only happen when I’m using korean letters.

Can you write here the exact file name that is creating the issue?

어떤 파일 이름을 적어도 마찬가지다. 결국은 길이에 문제가 있어서 생기는 문제가 아닐까 추측할 뿐이다. 어떤 이유에서 이런 일이 벌어지는지도 불분명하다.

This is the file name. But every file name longer than “어떤 파일 이름을 적어도 마찬가지다. 결국은 길이에 문제가 있어서 생기는 문제ᄀ”, same error happens. (it’s about 90 characters)

As you can see in my uploaded mov, long file name files changed their name automatically to short name. and then link is broken because the file name changed.

Your original post talks about edit mode. But it looks like it’s happening in both editor an preview?

What is your filesystem on mac?


On Finder, can you create a file with that name or does it stop you?

Yes you are right. It happens both mode.

It’s apfs and it stops me.
Same thing happen in my finder.
It is probably the file system that makes errors.

And it’s strange. It only happens in icloud folders. Out side of icloud sync folder, I can make same long named files.