Logseq like blocks again


I’m a very newbie here but looking at both logseq and obsidian. I have right away noticed a difference and (after some research) understand that Obsidian does not handle blocks like logseq. I also noted another post here on this subject but did not
undersand what a solution might look like.

When I click on a link [[word]] in logseq, if there is not page yet, it will create one and display the related linked matierial right under that new page But if I do the same in obsidian, it will create a new page for that link but the linked infromation will not be displayed. This is with no plugins in either case. How can I at least somewhat duplicate this feature with Obsidian?

Contents page with links:

Screenshot from 2023-05-16 12-47-33

Clicking on Abada link in Obsidian

Screenshot from 2023-05-16 12-36-02

Clicking on Abada link in logseq

Screenshot from 2023-05-16 12-36-27

This exists in obsidian and is called “backlinks”:

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