LogSeq like block references

When I was using LogSeq it was easy to just add a tag or page link to the end of the block. When I clicked on it, would be sent to the page and under the back links would be every block that I used that reference on and I could switch back and forth between the page and the page the referenced block was located on.

I would like to be able to tag a block and then have that tag generate a page link in a similar fashion so that I can keep similar references on the same page like I did on LogSeq.

I guess I could put together some type of dataview kludge, but that requires setting up the back links page first and is not as frictionless.

I can do the same thing with manually created block references, but each reference would have to be unique on each page.

Is there a simpler way of doing this in Obsidian?

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Maybe I’m misunderstanding what you want, but if you add a hashtag to a block, then click the tag, you get a tag search. The default search display shows every match, so effectively it shows every block where the tag appears. You can click a button in the search bar to expand all the previews to show the whole block. You can embed the search in a note if you want.

Obsidian doesn’t have block-level backlinks and doesn’t display previews for backlinks like it does for search (that I know of — I don’t use backlinks much).

You can achieve something similar by searching for a link, and you’ll get the same previews I described above for tags.

The closes you can get to this behavior is by creating a [[page]]. Once you click it, it will create a note with all the associated content as a backlink, same as Logseq. Tags won’t work that way, Logseq (and most other outliners) treat tags and pages as pages. In Obsidian, all you get is great search through tags whit all tagged content displayed upon you clicking on the tag.

Yeah. That’s not what I’m looking for.

In LogSeq I would save YouTube links on the daily page and at the end add a tag(which is essentially a page link in LogSeq) or a page link. Then when I went to that page, it would show all of the formatted links I had tagged with that page name.

This would allow me to put links anywhere and then the tag or page link would organize them all. But the the kicker was that I didn’t lose the YouTube preview format of the originally saved link.

I can kind of do the same thing with manual block references in Obsidian, but that is definitely NOT frictionless. It would also require unique identities if more than one block on a page was referenced.

All the other ways of block referencing lose the format of the link preview and just show an unidentifiable link.

This works with text blocks, but it does not work with formatted YouTube links.

I didn’t know you wanted link previews.

Yeah, the preview you will have to do via plugin. Not frictionless, but not terrible. This one makes an iframe embed for you on right click.

As for the collection of all your links with a [[page link]] you can totally do that with wikilinks

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