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I have used LogSeq a while for journaling, but now I would like to pack my things/notes and move them to Obsidian. I know that there is a function to use Obsidian as a daily journal, and the advantage for me is to have additionally a folder structure to sort my notes.

I know I can just copy the text files from LogSeq to Obsidian, but then I have the issue with the date-format. Is there an elegant and easy way to cover the journaling function of LogSeq in Obsidian and to move all journal entries to Obsidian?

Thanks for your help!

PS: The issue in which I ran now is, that LoGseq is creating the daily notes in the Journal folder with underscores like 2023_06_03, but Obsidian is creating them like that 2023-06-03. Is there a way to bulk change the format from “_” to “-”?


The easiest way is to make Obsidian use the underscore as well.

You can go to the “Daily Notes” settings

and then look for the Date format configuration.

Change YYYY-MM-DD into YYYY_MM_DD and you are set.

Sometimes I cannot see the simplest solutions. Thanks a lot, It worked perfectly.


It’s entirely up to you, but the ISO format is YYYY-MM-DD, so for future proofing, working with dataview, etc., that format is going to be better.

Changing your existing YYYY_MM_DDYYYY-MM-DD can be accomplished with regex and VSCode (or most code editors).

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You can also bulk rename your files, possibly with software you already have. Finder on Mac can do it, so maybe Windows Explorer can too. You’ll still need to change your links the way ariehen suggests, tho. There’s also now a community plugin that does global search and replace but I haven’t tried it.

Whatever you do, make sure your backups are up to date.

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