Logseq-esque "Journal mode" display of daily notes

I’ve been pretty inspired of the ‘journal style’ display of daily notes that logseq has. I’ve been thinking about writing my first plugin that displays daily notes in a long scrolling list of notes while keeping them editable.

Does this sound useful to anyone else here? I find it to be really helpful to have old daily notes available at a glance so I can complete tasks and get refreshed on what I worked on before. I know it’s always possible to open multiple files manually, but I feel like this would be stronger.

A (perhaps simpler) middle ground is probably some weekly note template that automatically embeds all the notes from that week. This wouldn’t make them editable though, which is a pretty important part of this.

Any thoughts/ precedent I may be missing?


Good idea. It already exists. Two versions, as a matter of fact, one of which provides an index in the sidebar.

@MitchWagner They are probably easy enough to find, but maybe you could share the names of them just to be sure. Thanks.


Here’s one.

And another—I just installed this one yesterday and quite like it.

Search the word “daily” in the community plug-ins settings pane and you’ll find a few daily notes tools.


This is brilliant, just saved me a lot of work. Thank you!

Neither plugin is as elegant as the “infinite scroll” in Logseq :frowning: