Logseq - a perfect companion for Obsidian

I’ve been really wanting a Roam-esque outliner experience to compliment Obsidian.

In my workflow, I use Obsidian as a hyper-curated high-signal workspace where I can crystalize my best ideas. I love the mindstate that Obsidian puts me in, but I was missing the fast, fluid nature of an outliner, especially Roam, with it’s focus on daily logging. I find it to be such a streamlined flow, but I just can’t get past the questionable aspects of it (price, lock-in, privacy, personalities, etc)…

I tried Dynalist, Workflowy, Roam and a few others… None of them have felt right for various reasons. I love the UI and experience of Dynalist and Workflowy, but the frictionless nature of the daily pages in Roam is a key ingredient that was missing.

Well I just discovered Logseq, which at first glance feels like a Roam clone, but underneath the hood it is an open-source outliner that shares the same values and guiding principles as Obsidian: Local storage and markdown files!

You can choose to either host your Logseq vault in a folder on your local machine, just like Obsidian, or you can host it in a private github repo.

You can actually open up your Logseq vault inside of Obsidian and view everything from there! The outlines are formatted in markdown headings - First level bullet is #, second level is ##, and so on… A local, markdown, plaintext outliner that rivals Roam and integrates with Obsidian. Awesome.

At present, it’s browser based, but desktop and mobile apps are in the pipeline.

I’m finding the combination of Logseq + Obsidian to be a match made in heaven.

I use Logseq for my ongoing scratchpad, fleeting ideas, and messy desk style workspace.

I use Obsidian for crystalizing my thoughts into coherent, valuable and sharable evergreen notes.

I originally wanted to have one app to rule them all, but Im actually liking this separation as it helps to optimize those different activities… Im free to make a mess and not worry about structure in Logseq, and with that impulse out of my system I am more inspired and prepared to approach Obsidian with more thoughtfulness, cleanliness and deliberation.

I allow for noise in Logseq, while curating nothing but signal in Obsidian.

Anyways, just wanted to share that, as Im quite excited about this find, and Im sure others here will be as well :slight_smile:

Enjoy :zap:


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