Login to account fails on aarch64 appimage

Version 1.5.3, downloaded about half an hour ago. I understand that the forum login is different to the account login - I’m using the same email/password that works with sync on x64 and which logs into the non-forum account that deals with things like paying for sync.

Probably very easy to reproduce. All I’ve done is put the standard raspberry pi 64 bit desktop image on an ssd, copy the aarch64 appimage across and tried to run it. That failed because appimage uses fuse, so installed fuse, then tried to open a vault via sync.

Fails the same way it would for a wrong password. “Login failed”. I’ve copy&pasted it from a text file and typed it in from scratch, don’t think this is a user-can’t-type error.

Doesn’t print anything to the developer console.

Fails identically with flatpak.

It checks github for an update and claims success. Machine has network access. Unclear how to debug further.

can you try using aarch64 but from another network?

Huh, fun. I was sure it couldn’t be the network so tried to log in to a browser on the aarch64 machine, which also failed. Abject confusion.

It turns out the “copy from buffer” functionality of my KVM mangles # into ~, the password has a # in it, and the password field prints as **** so I didn’t notice.

Not a bug on your end. Connected to the vault quite happily after I sidestepped the KVM system. Checked flatpak and appimage, both working fine.

I’ll see if I can find a close thread button. (Marking yours as solution is the closest match). Thanks for the hint!

this is very weird

Unexpected for sure.

I expect it’ll be something related to locales. Maybe the KVM has decided to use some US-specific encoding instead of pushing raw bytes over the connection. Some horror from the world of unicode perhaps. But not something going wrong in your UI at least :slight_smile:

Works though. pi 5, install fuse, appimage obsidian, add an autostart file. So all is well.

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