Login failed on Smartphone

when I try to connect on smartphone I’ve got the message : “Login failed, please double check your email and password”

Thank you for your help

Things I have tried

What I’m trying to do

Are you trying to log in in Settings > About, or Settings > Sync?

Are you able to log in on other devices?

I changed the thread’s title from “Smartphone” to “Login failed on Smartphone” to help people know what it’s about.

I try to log Setup obsidian sync
Thank you

Have you logged in on any other devices yet (tablet, laptop, etc)?

Thank you

Have you already logged in in Settings > About? I don’t think you need to for Sync — I’m trying to learn if you’ve ever successfully logged in to your Obsidian account anywhere.

Are you sure you’re using the right email address and typing everything correctly? (Apologies for asking about the basics, but we all slip up sometimes.)

You could try signing in online at My account - Obsidian (you may want to copy-paste that address rather than click it, to make sure I’m not phishing you) to see if you are able to log in. If you’re not able to sign in, you can use the “Forgot password?” link there.

Or maybe this is your problem if you’re already logged in to your account and are trying to create a remote vault:

Keep in mind that your Obsidian account and your forum account are completely separate. Make sure you’re using the right one. And setting a password for a remote vault is also completely separate from both of them.

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