Logic check on links in property for specific tags

What I’m trying to do

Here’s a generic example of what I’m trying to do. The names are nonsense, but the logic is accurate.

In Note A & Note B, there is a List Property called “Friends”.
Note A Friends has links to other notes (Bob, Frank, Jean)
Note B Friends has links to other notes (Bob, Frank)

In the tags property of the Jean note only, there is #Resources/HasTruck.

From within Note A and Note B, I need to perform a logic check with DataviewJS that returns true if any of the linked notes in the Friends field of that note (either Bob, Frank, or Jean) contains #Resources/HasTruck in the tags field.

In this example, Note A would return true and Note B would return false

Things I have tried

dv.func.map(current.Friends, (x) => dv.func.contains(dv.pages("#Resources/HasTruck"), x)) ? "true" : "false"

dv.func.map(current.Friends, (x) => dv.func.contains(dv.func.string(dv.pages("#Resources/HasTruck")),x))? "true" : "false"

Tried a little bit different, still not functioning. Everything returns true, oddly.
dv.func.map(current.Friends.file.link, (it) => dv.func.contains(dv.list(dv.pages('"FolderRoot" and #Resources/HasTruck').file.link), it.file.link)) ? "Green" : ""