Locking Alternate Checkboxes (making them real bullets); emulating OneNote "tags"

Hi all

I’ve been searching ways to emulate OneNote “tags” (where a line gets an icon and foreground/background font color), and have gotten into Alternate Checkboxes.

There’s one issue with these that I’ve not found a solution for: it’s still basically a checkbox. That means you can click it (and it will clear your checkbox, and you also lose your specific icon), which is problematic; it will also automatically format the next line with the same icon when you hit return (so you have to undo what you just did).

Any way to lock the checkbox, or prevent it from receiving input?

More general question of “Is anyone else trying to find the Obsidian version of a OneNote tag?” remains too :slight_smile:


I don’t know about locking checkbox states, but I came across this plug-in a while ago, and it’s similar to OneNote tags.

It changes the background color and adds a lucide icon or unicode character before the text (it’s also very customizeable). I haven’t used it in a while, but I believe pressing enter after one of these ‘callout’ bullets creates a bullet.

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Wow! This looks exactly like it. I’ll give it a whirl. Thx for the ref!

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You can make custom checkboxes unclickable using css. For example, this snippet will lock checkbox wit “[!]”:

.HyperMD-task-line[data-task="!"] > .task-list-label, 
li[data-task="!"] > input, 
li[data-task="!"] > p > input
  pointer-events: none;

Will this remove both the state change and the link ability from a task in a query to its origin? Or just one of them?

It’s just prevents the change of checkbox state.

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#wellplayed… worked like a charm! Thx!

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