Location for new daily note

Things I have tried

At present, when I click for todays Daily Note, the new note opens at the bottom of the Daily Note folder., which is where it’s designated in the template. In that folder are notes organized by month, with the latest on top. How would I alter the template to always create the new daily note in the top folder, i.e., the latest?

What I’m trying to do

Is there a token for that?

I use:


The first YYYY/MM tells Obsidian to file the daily note in a folder for the year and a sub-folder for the month.

The remaining YYYY-MM-DD-dddd creates a note with the year, month, date, and day as a title, and it files it in the appropriate year / month sub-folders. Perhaps you could do something along those lines?


Thanks. Where does that code go? in the Daily Note path?

Settings > Plugin Options> Daily Notes > Date Format > YYYY/MM/YYYY-MM-DD-dddd


Ah! Great. Thanks.

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