"Local" note in right sidebar. Is it possible?

Hello from a new Obsidian user…

What I’m trying to do.

I’d like more a convenient and consistent way to edit notes in Canvas by opening notes in the sidebar as they are selected in Canvas.

While in Canvas,

  • I want to click on a note and have it open in the right sidebar.
  • If I click a different note in Canvas, then that new note is now open in the sidebar in the same “tab” (if you will).
  • This is the exact behavior as the Local Graph View. Clicking a new note in Canvas updates the connections in the Local Graph view.

Things I have tried

  • I’ve searched the forums, google, YouTube, Reddit…
  • I’ve also messed with Obsidian and a few plugins trying to find this functionality.

I keep thinking it should be there, but I keep not finding it. Maybe I’m missing something obvious. Or maybe I need to do a feature request. I thought it best to start here.


I’ve done searches like:
Google: canvas click note view sidebar site:forum.obsidian.md
Google: obsidian canvas show note in sidebar

I’ve also edited the CSS for Canvas so that it’s much easier to edit them within Canvas. Having the note open in the sidebar would so much better.


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