Local Graph: What are Neighbor Links

I apologize if this is answered somewhere else. I did look & couldn’t find anything.

I’m having a difficult time understanding what exactly the “Neighbor Links” toggle in the Local Graph “Filter” section is/does.

It seems to be very similar to “Depth”.

It’s “on hover” description says “Show links between neighbors”, but I don’t know what Obsidian’s criteria for neighbor is.

“Neighbors” are all of the notes that are linked to the active note. Toggling neighbor links off only shows the links from the active note to its neighbors and none of the links in between the neighbors.

Here’s a simple example.

With Neighbor Links -> ‘Test Note 1’ is the active note, the other notes are neighbors, you can see the links between the neighbor notes (Test Note 5->Test Note 4, Test Note 3->Test Note 2, etc.).

Without Neighbor Links -> Now you can only see the links from the active note.

Does this help?

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Yes, thank you!

I knew it had to be something simple. I was always looking at vaults with too few or too many notes to be able to deduce what was happening

That made it perfectly clear.