Local graph view dependent background images?

This may seem like a feature request, but I am holding out hope, as I have seen some pretty amazing things on this forum. So I am starting here.

I am not really that familiar with even basic CSS or customizing Obsidian, and wonder whether there is any way to have various background images applied depending on which local graph is open.

For me, it would be even better if these images could be updated simply by replacing an image in the vault with an identically named image. But really any way this could be accomplished would be sweet.

This will be an especially helpful thing if it is ever possible to save arrangements. Thanks.

This is a feature request. You cannot do this with custom CSS right now.

I like this idea. Curious about the use-case, though? What kind of background images are you hoping to use?

I am planning a production of a 3D animated short. Currently I am using Obsidian for connecting ideas and inspirations within the story. But as I begin importing concept sketches and planning how I will model , rig, animate, texture, light, composite, etc, it would be nice to overlay some of the nodes on top of the sketches and begin to link them to other spots in the sketch where I may be using a similar technique.

Finally, comping all the notes into a summary and screenshotting the local graph with node overlays will be helpful to document plans and to use as reference. And this would be especially true with an ability to easily swap in new versions of the background image as the project progresses.

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