Local Graph smart clicks

I set up my system so that there are category hubs. These contain links to all double category hubs. By double category hub, I mean the category of its parent combined with every other category.

I do the work of putting all the links to all of my notes that are within both of those categories in each of those double category hubs.

So, what this means is that when I am in a local graph for a category hub set to 2, I can see all of the double category nodes that include that category and all of the nodes that are linked to from those double category hubs. This is a an interconnected madness, that is relatively hard to navigate.

However, each category hub is also linked to from what I call the hub hub. So this means there is another cluster (on right in attached picture).

This is where my feature request comes in. I think it would be awesome if I could modifier click one of the category hubs that are linked to the hub hub, and it would automatically skip through that category hub and open the local graph for the double category hub of that clicked category combined with the category hub of which I am in the local graph of. Essentially, the graph would be smart enough to know I want to open the only node other than the hub hub that is connected to both the clicked node and the node of the current local graph view.

I should mention that in my system I have separate double category hubs for (category a-category b) and (category b-category a) although they are exactly the same internally. I am happy to clarify if this is unclear. Thanks.


I think I understand the request, but it sounds like it is quite specific to your system/workflow (which sounds effective, but still!). Am I wrong?

If that’s the case, is there a way of simplifying this feature request to be more generalizable to other users’ systems? Perhaps something like, “modifier click on the local graph to expand local graph focus to only the selected nodes”, or something similar?

You are correct. I could say that the modifier click on a node in local graph view would, if there is only one, open the node which is linked to both the clicked node and the node whose graph is being visualized in the current local graph, but I didn’t think that would mean much on its own. Thanks for asking.

I think this makes sense, then. It will probably be tricky for the devs to decide on the exact design of such a feature, but the idea of building out a bridged-local graph seems useful and interesting. Thanks for the suggestion!