Local graph shows same node twice/not all links

Steps to reproduce

  • Unclear, though I think this behaviour applies to all pre-v0.8.12-update created links/notes. Trying to update a link by cut-and-pasting it does not fix the issue.

Expected result

In the local graph view, I see every note that is linked by this note or that links this note. If I enable the display of transitively connected nodes, no node is shown as a duplicate.

More precisely, referring to the actual result example shown below, I expect to see a direct connection between, e.g. signatures and undeniable-signatures.

Actual result



  • Operating system: Windows 10
  • Obsidian version: v0.8.12

Additional information

Links work as expected in the global graph view.

Update: undeniable-signatures just started to be shown correctly in the local graph view. However, other notes that appear in the global view are still missing.

we have fixed several issues in graph view in 0.8.13. If you still have problems when you get that, open a bug report.

Some of the things you see were already reported, so I sugest to check the release notes of insider build and the serch the bug reports before posting.

I’m sorry for the duplicate. I did search the bug reports and wasn’t able to find any duplicate. I will come back to you if the issue persists.

I think this is a dublicate, but not 100% sure. Let’s see what happens when you get 0.8.13 :slight_smile:

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