Local graph node color always yellow even when changing theme after v0.12.12

Since getting the update v0.12.12 my main local graph node is always yellow on Windows 10. I’ve tried to:

  • Change themes, doesn’t help.
  • Uninstall Obsidian v0.12.12.
  • Deleting vault .obsidian folders.
  • Deleting %AppData%\Local both Obsidian and obsidian-updater.
  • Deleting “obsidian” in %AppData%\Roaming.

I installed v0.12.10 and everything was working like before but when Obsidian automatically updated to v0.12.12 it’s back to yellow node.

Any suggestions are most welcome. Thank you for reading.

It’s a feature. The quoted text explains how to disable it through CSS, if you use it as a snippet, that should bring it back to how it was before.

.graph-view.color-fill-focused {
    color: transparent;
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Doh! Next time I will check the release notes. Thank you Koala!

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