Local Graph and Blank Page Results

When I click on a node in the graph (whether it is local or not) for a note that exists, I get a blank page and the file title (and note title) say Untitled. I don’t get the note that I set up. So I was working on a main note from the book How to Think Like a Roman Emperor. I entered text “the philosopher’s beard” and I decided to make that text a link. I activated that link so it will be an actual note. I added a template for text and a sentence or two. I went to the local graph through How to Think Like a Roman Emperor and I clicked on The Philosopher’s Beard note and instead of seeing what I had written there, I ended up with a blank and untitled page.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Make some text and make it a link in a main note.
  2. Activate the link and add text to it so it becomes a live note.
  3. Close the the note that I just made active.
  4. Select local graph from the main note.
  5. Click on the newly made note node in the local graph.

Expected result

When I click the node for my newly made note, I expect to see a page with the link as title to my note and my template in it.

Actual result

Instead, I get a blank page, and title bar of the note says “Untitled”.

This also happens when I repeat all of the above in the main graph view. It happens with all 3rd party plugins off and custom css off.


  • Operating system: Windows 10

  • Obsidian version: 0.9.11

Additional information

Can you post a video\gif of this with default css and all thirdparty plugins disabled?


So if I click on the philosopher’s beard node, I get a blank page.

I can’t reproduce this.

Use this https://www.screentogif.com/

ok. then I can’t use the graph. every time I click on a node where I have recently created another note, I get a blank page so it’s useless right now.

A couple of things you can try is to make sure you type text yourself (as opposing to coping text perhaps from PDF. You maybe be copying something that looks like regular text but contains nonbreaking white space or some other irregular character)

Also try without using beta and other weird prefixes and see if it helps.

We’ll see if someone else can repro your problem.

I’m not copying text or using anything I haven’t used before. This is all typed stuff by me.

I will just uninstall and reinstall Obsidian

If that doesn’t work, and if your vault does not contain sensitive info, you can zip it and send it to me privately on discord. I will have a look.

Ok so I backed up tonight’s notes, removed them all after reinstalling. I had forgotten to remove tonight’s notes before reinstalling and the graph still gave me blank notes.

So I removed them all and installed a copy of my notes before today and the graph seems to work fine now. So now I will reinstall certain notes and test and see which one is bad. The only thing I can think of is that I had recently put my vault on automatic backup on Google Drive and it was after that (apparently) that things went screwy with the graph.

I’ve removed auto backup from Google and will just manually up load to OneDrive for now. Will let you know what I find out.

So I put a backup copy of How to Think Like a Roman Emperor and a copy of The Philosopher’s Beard into my vault. And the graph worked correctly. My guess is it’s something to Google Drive but who knows?

Thank you for your help.

write here if you can pipoint the problem.