Local AI integration?


Does anyone know if there is any kind of AI based integration with models running locally? All the AI assistant plugins I found are to be integrated with ChatGPT etc. I personally would like a locally running solution, I realize one needs a powerful computer for that. But it is more private and won’t cost you money to run locally well except the electricity. There are already a lot of good implementations like Serge etc. I would be very hesitant to feed my personal notes/knowledge base to OpenAI given how controversial some of the outcomes of these tools. You never know what you are training your data with these cloud systems.

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I think there’s at least one that can use Whisper locally but I’m not sure. Search the plugin store for the names of local-capable AIs.

hanks, but that is what I did and ones I found seem to us chatGPT explicitly.

I thought there was one but maybe there aren’t any. There’s another thread here complaining about the lack of them — if any exist, maybe they’ll be mentioned there.

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Never tried either of these:

The Copilot plugin also has a local model use.

There could be more.