Loading screen UI for user's to know how the download is doing

Olla! I am just new to Obsidian so I am not sure if this is a feature or not at the moment.

So point outs are appreciated if I am wrong.

But what I could recommend that would be nice is to add a loading bar each time a new community plugin is installed or even loading bars that show if your downloading a certain content from the community or anywhere within Obsidian.

Because I find it slightly annoying to wait without knowing if the progress is successful, crashed, canceled, or in progress. This is an issue that I just encountered while customizing my Obsidian vault with a few plugins. Having this will at least give the user some patience to wait or know how the progress is doing.

For me this isn’t really that important because the user can just sit there and wait, but in the end of the day, a little UI touch would still be nice for users of Obsidian.

If there are already made plugins with regards to this then I appreciate the point out.

Anyways, still discovering more what Obsidian can do and customizing my vault.

Thanks for creating such an amazing note-taking software.

That’s all, so cheers :maté:

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