Loading Endnote Ref Manager files

I have 182 entries in my End Note Reference Manager. Do you know how to load all 182 into an Obsidian folder please (i.e., without having to manually create 182 notes in Obsidian)?

Thank you

similar issue, but a few thousand records. Anyone?

Do you know the format of the note within EndNote? Can EndNote export to some other format?

I think Endnote can export a selected library in text, RTF, XML and HTML
(if that’s what you are asking)

Your best bet is likely to migrate your data to Zotero using this guide, then use one of the options mentioned here and here to bulk create literature notes on all items in a collection or your whole library.

Loosely ranked, these options are:

  • Use my bulk import script, which uses a bibtex export and Zotero Integration’s runImport API
  • The Zotero Sync Client plugin, which by default creates notes on all items in your Zotero library. Just note that since this relies on the Zotero web API, 1) it needs an internet connection and 2) it can’t import image annotations, since Zotero doesn’t sync these, but creates them locally.

If you want a comparison of the Zotero Integration and Zotlit plugins, see this message on Discord.


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