Load any folder on iCloud Drive (iPad OS)

Use case or problem

My primary note archive lives on a folder in iCloud Drive/Documents/Academic/Writing. I have several apps using it, so moving it to a new location is not in question. Obsidian for Mac can easily load my folder as a Vault. However, the iPad OS application can only load folders in iCloudDrive/Obsidian or via Obsidian Sync. Since my folder already lives on iCloud Drive (just not in iCloudDrive/Obsidian) I am not supposed to use Obsidian Sync to bypass the problem, due to race conditions between the two syncing services (although to be honest I used it for a while and didn’t have any issues).

Proposed solution

I would like Obsidian for iPad to be able to load up any folder on iCloud Drive as a Vault. Several apps, like Taio, 1Writer, iA Writer offer this option nowadays, so I don’t believe there are any hard Apple-side constraints.

Current workaround (optional)

One workaround is to use Obsidian Sync. But this is against the recommendations by Obsidian, as noted above.

Related feature requests (optional)

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