LMS - a personal knowledge management system and goal & project management system

Hi Everybody,

Since the last year, I have begun to use obsidian.md as my notetaking software. I found a way to combine different aspects of notetaking in a workflow, at least for my notetaking style. They are

  • Goal and project management
  • Journaling
  • Personal knowledge management (PKM)
  • Review.
    I call it LMS (Life Management System), as it handles the most important parts of my life.

The main reference to build this workflow are:

Maybe you are also trying to combine different approaches in your notetaking workflow, or just searching for a vault template, which provides sufficient features out of the box. My templates and workflow may give you some help. So, I decided to share my vault template and create guidance for the workflow.

The template vault

The template vault is hosted on GitHub. laozhou-in-germany/Chens_LMS_Public
Most files in the vault are extracted from my private vault. I optimize them constantly during my daily use. It will be for a long period of time a work in progress.

The file structure

  • 000_Drafts:
    Default folder for note, drafts of all possible note types, sorted later.
  • 100_Goals_Projects:
    Pillars, value goals, outcomes & projects, also routines and mindsets
  • 300_Journal:
    Daily routines , events, meetings and other journal elements
  • 500_Knowledge_Management:
    Literature notes, atomic notes, evergreen notes and topics
  • 700_Plan_Review:
    Plan, Review and workspaces
  • 900_Supporting_Files:
    Templates, Config, Help…

The workflow

Personal knowledge management (PKM)

Note types

Coming soom.

Linking with links and tags

Coming soom.

Handling literature note

Coming soom.

Handling atomic note

Coming soom.

Handling evergreen note

Coming soom.

Handling topic note

Coming soom.

Goal and project management




helllo everybody,
I just noticed, I’m not able to edit my post above. So my original plan to update the post step by step doesn’t work.
I’ll update all contents in the “README.md” in the GitHub repository, and use the reply to update the single section.


Thank you Chen. It looks good to me as a first step.

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I created the section showcase in the README, including
Goals projects
Knowledge management
Plans Reviews

Here are some examples:
Goals & projects dashboard with a pillar note

Journal dashboard with a daily note

Literature note with context-aware resurfacing, including extracted atomic note and evergreen note, bolded, highlighted and summarized

Weekly review with automatically summarized content for review


I created the section Quick Start in the README, including
Install missing plugins
5 ways to create new notes
Create notes for goals projects
Create notes for journal
Create notes for knowledge management
Develop notes for knowledge management
Create notes for plans reviews

And some demo notes are also created, which demonstrate the workflow with this vault.

Feedbacks are welcome, if the Quick Start helps you to start with the vault. :grinning:

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Wow, I’m very impressed. I don’t know PPV, but nevertheless I think there is so much in your vault to learn from. Thank you for your generosity!

thanks for your feedback!

I’ve just finished a poster for my LMS.
LMS as a medieval town

The LMS is a complex interactive system. It works like a town. The town has different districts. Each district fulfills a certain function. There is the business district, where people go shopping and make business. There is an industrial district, where products are produced and so on. But these districts alone don’t create a living town. The goods and information are exchanged between them. One district relies on the services of other districts.

If we consider the LMS as a medieval town. This town has 6 main districts:

  • Dream Builder Castle
  • Place of Doing
  • Houses of My Stories
  • Tower of Knowledge
  • River of Knowledge
  • Tower of Review

In the dream builder castle the vision, goals and projects are step by step broken down. The guiding question here is: what kind of person do I want to be? Finding the dream and choosing the right things are maybe the most important thing in life.

On the place of doing the projects from the dream builder castle are to be implemented. It’s not easy to keep our commitment to ourselves. Sometimes we don’t have sufficient time, Sometimes we don’t have the willpower to do some boring tasks. Sometimes we just lost our priority due to a large number of tasks. Find the right productivity method for yourself and finish the tasks effectively.

One of the most difficult things in life is maybe to know yourself. Writing a journal helps you to know yourself. In the houses of my stories the feeling, thinking and doing are recorded. The guiding question here is: What kind of person am I? The improved self-awareness helps you to find your life purpose. And combing own experience with theoretical knowledge creates wisdom.

The river of knowledge is the way to communicate with the outside world. We consume information from the outside world. Creating a good habit to consume information in this world of information overload is a key competence. We are not only consumers using the river of knowledge, but also participants in the river of knowledge. We use it to exchange our experiences and opinions with others and also share our knowledge.

The tower of knowledge is a place, where we consume the external information effectively and also create our thought. Here don’t forget to ask about the purpose of consuming the information: What kind of knowledge (information) do I need, to …? For me, the question is: What kind of knowledge do I need to complete my projects and reach my goals?

It’s quite complicated to make each part work correctly and keep them interactive with each other smoothly, isn’t it? It’s important, that we from time to time step back and review each part and the complete system. In the tower of review, we review them periodically, clean out each part and keep the system running.

For a poster with more detailed information about each district see LMS_poster_portrait

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I have reorganized the docs for the vault template using mkdocs.
Chen’s LMS (laozhou-in-germany.github.io)
I hope, the main concepts of the vaults are well explained there.

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