Live Preview - Vertical Scroll Bar Position / Gutter

Use case or problem

I’m not sure what the correct UI term is, but the vertical scroll bar has been moved in the new Live Preview mode, and I find it to be distracting compared to the old editor.

It used to be on the far right side of the interface, so in full screen mode, you’d have distraction-free, wide-open space to write in. Now, the scroll bar is right next to the text, so there’s always a vertical line hanging out right next to what I’m typing. Seems small, but makes a huge difference for me when I’m trying to think.

Old editor:

New Live Preview:

Proposed solution

Move the scroll bar back to its original position.

the problem is you theme.

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Thank you!

Is that the case with not being able to see the header size in the live preview as well?
You can see in the old editor, “# test document” appears as a header, while in the new live preview, it appears in regular-sized font.