Live Preview: in text below quote transclusion cannot move cursor

Steps to reproduce

In Live Preview, note 1 with normal text. Embed a quote from another note (note 2) between 2 paragraphs in note 1. Trying to move the cursor with up/down arrows to the text below the transclusion in note 1 does not work, nor by using the touchpad to click the cursor in a place in the text below the transcluded quote. The cursor “refuses” to move. It IS possible to move the cursor sideways.

Expected result

One should be able to move the cursor freely with up/down arrows or the touchpad.

Actual result

See above.


  • Operating system: MacOS Mojave 10.14.6
  • Obsidian version: 0.13.5, installer 0.12.19.

Additional information

For the time being, please report live preview bugs on discord: Discord

I was reading your message just as it disappeared in Discord now. Your feedback is of course welcome, but I don’t think every single message can be responded to in the chat.

@rigmarole thanks for your reply. I understand that it is difficult on Discord to reply to every message. OTOH, from what I see, Licat manages to reply to most, if not all messages on the LP channel, even seemingly anodyne ones that concern the cursor, like mine. So, if he did not reply to mine, it means it is less than anodyne.