Live Preview in iPhone & iPad

Hi there,
I’m lovin the Live Preview mode! But wonder how soon this will be available in iOS as well?

Thank you!


I too would love to see this available on iOS. I am using an iPad and a Macbook, and having Live Preview available on both platforms would be awesome.

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It will definitely come to mobile as well, I hope it will be early 2022.

I was surprised to see that Live Preview in mobile was not part of the roadmap.

The Roadmap is a public-facing tool for informing the public, which makes it inherently conservative and slowly updated. I imagine they have an internal board with hundreds of items, which is very accurate.

The team has consistently stated on Discord that this feature will come to mobile after it’s finished on desktop. They just finished it on desktop. It will come to mobile sometime in the next couple of months, I’d guess.


I think it was live preview that pulled me over back from Craft. Ironically, when CraftX launched, it made me realize just how great obsidian plugins really are. That and my yearly subscription for $45 was coming up.

Can’t wait to see live preview on mobile!

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this is available for insiders.

I don’t see the option to select live-preview in the iOS mobile app.
I logged in with my insider account and restarted the app but don’t see an option under settings/editor to enable live-preview.
In the note I can only toggle between the editor and reading mode.

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